Simply, Our Story

Simply Recruiting is a Vancouver based recruitment start-up.  We started Simply Recruiting because we felt there was something truly missing from the recruitment scene in our beautiful city.  We are not your average recruitment company focused on metrics with commission minded sales staff. Scripted interactions are not our jam.  What you can expect from us is passionate expertise and real results every time.  Allowing us to help you with your job search and your recruitment needs is something we are truly grateful for.

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Our focus in recruitment is on PEOPLE.

Finding top talent is about focusing on the human aspect of recruitment and building real connections with the candidates and clients we work with. Our goal is to bring the focus back to people and our relationships with them.

We will always go beyond what is needed in every search. Each search is unique and requires a tailor made approach. We have been on the other side of the table, we understand your needs, this allows us to help you find your dream job and build your dream team.


We Care About Your Needs And Your Success

At Simply, we will not stop until we find the best possible solution for your recruitment needs every time. You will have a talent partner that is always available and willing to listen to your needs, every step of the way.

We are grateful to be in this business, you will hear the passion in our voice from your very first interaction with us.